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Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep (2017) [WEB] [FLAC] by Ligfaerd (Black Metal)
Today at 10:49:42
World Controller - Fiery The Angels Fell (2017) [WEB] [FLAC] by fostex (Death Metal/Deathcore)
Today at 10:45:59
Heaven Abhorred - Outlaw's Path (2016) [WEB] [FLAC] by isvili (Black Metal)
Today at 09:49:57
Nasty - Realigion (2017) [WEB] [FLAC] by AND-reX (Thrash Metal/Hardcore/Metalcore)
Today at 09:40:08
Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay [Limited Edition] (2017) [FLAC] by ᛊᛗᛁᚱᚸᛖᛚ (Black Metal)
Today at 08:52:18
Faced With Ruins - Scene Of Devastation (2014) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC] by GaryHolt (Death Metal/Deathcore)
Today at 01:38:53
Faced With Ruins - Demise (2017) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC] by GaryHolt (Death Metal/Deathcore)
Today at 01:30:16
Mirzadeh - Ancient Rites (2003) [FLAC] by individual is free (Black Metal)
Yesterday at 17:33:14
Jezabel - A Todo O Nada (2001) [FLAC] by individual is free (Power/Heavy Metal/Rock)
Yesterday at 17:20:08
Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom (+video) [Japan Limited Edition] (2006) [FLAC] by individual is free (Japanese Editions)
Yesterday at 17:05:42
Wisdom - Judas (2011) [FLAC] by individual is free (Japanese Editions)
Yesterday at 16:54:13
Wisdom - Rise of the Wise (2016) [FLAC] by individual is free (Power/Heavy Metal/Rock)
Yesterday at 16:07:18
Mindkult - Lucifer's Dream (2017) [FLAC] by Bylinka (Doom Metal)
Yesterday at 16:05:04
Wisdom - Marching for Liberty (2013) [FLAC] by individual is free (Power/Heavy Metal/Rock)
Yesterday at 16:04:54
Вирь - Нижний лес [Digipack] (2014) [FLAC] (свой рип) by ARTx. (ARTx.)
Yesterday at 15:58:33
Black Autumn - Isolation [Digipack] (2012) [Demo] [FLAC] (свой рип) by ARTx. (ARTx.)
Yesterday at 15:53:00
Mountainwolf - Absinthe Moon (2017) [FLAC] by Bylinka (Doom Metal)
Yesterday at 15:45:16
Psychedelic Witchcraft - Volume II - Magick Rites And Spells [Compilation] (2017) [FLAC] by Bylinka (Doom Metal)
Yesterday at 13:30:49
Vihan Messu - Lopun ajan jälkeen (2017) [WEB] [FLAC] by isvili (Black Metal)
Yesterday at 11:50:39
Innermoon - Cloud Walkers (2017) [WEB] [FLAC] by fostex (Death Metal/Deathcore)
Yesterday at 10:11:57

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