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Satanism Torture Squad Death Metal / Death 'n' Roll Dark Lunacy Biohazard Крада Barbarity Yob Arctic Music Group Chaos Reigns Unearth Profane Existence Amberian Dawn Symphonic Doom Metal dismal euphony
Theatre Of Tragedy Фоно Bloodbath Records Immortal Souls Productions Solefald Seven Kingdoms Dark Moor Hecate Enthroned Unspeakable Axe Records Doom/Gothic Metal Reactor Sargent House Akercocke Galadriel Alcest
Graveyard Mechina Fen alastis Post-Punk Der Schwarze Tod / AuToDafe Thrash Metal/Crossover Ereb Altor Sad Progressive Death/Black Metal Black Metal/Noise Symphony X Patologian Laboratorio Productions Ancient Rites Dayglo Abortions
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Borgne Pantera Wolftyr Productions Bergthron 1969 Hibria Eclectic Productions atmospheric doom rock atmospheric doom death metal Schattenvald XIII. Století The Crypt Death Knell Productions De Tenebrarum Principio Damnation
Les Productions Hérétiques Portal twisted sister Falls of Rauros Bilskirnir Hell Division Productions neige et noirceur redemption Technical/Brutal Death Metal Fear of Eternity Warner Music Japan Veineliis Profanatica Andras oriana music
Imbecil Entertainment Power Electronics Impellitteri Denver Melechesh Universal Music Group Oi Sound Riot Records Blaze of Perdition monolithe Hetroertzen Gothic Progressive Metal A Dream Of Poe Black Bards Entertainment Axenstar
Cultes Des Ghoules Sempiternal Productions Darkenhold Black/Viking Metal Puissance Tortuga Recordings master's hammer Show No Mercy Records Progressive/Melodic Death Metal Isvind Disbelief Leviathan Tee Pee Records Deeds Of Flesh disgorge
Mystic Prophecy Proselytism Eternal Death Battle Kommand Records viking folk metal EBM Gothic/Doom/Death Metal Suicide Silence Slamophiliac Goregrind/Brutal Death Metal shape of despair Circa Survive Coalesce Coroner As I Lay Dying
Katharsis Grau Records Pagan/Black Metal/Ambient melodic death power metal Unlucky Morpheus Epäihminen Jute Gyte Deterior Diehard Music Serious Entertainment Naglfar Progressive Djent Metal Fastball Music Broken Limbs Recordings Blood Red Fog
Trail Of Tears Paradox Oz Productions Necroshrine Records Omnia Lonewolf eidolon Metal Throne Productions Epic Heavy Metal Pagoda Mast Puteraeon Winterfylleth Gan-Shin Records Boris Alternative Metal / Hard Rock
Brutalized Records Gurthang Der Schwarze Tod / COD Music and Distro Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient Flowing Tears Lucifugum The Flight of Sleipnir Spiritual Beggars Polydor Totalrust Music 24-7 Spyz Darkestrah Hellhound Records Deafest Black/Death/Doom Metal
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Жертвоприношения - Я хотел бы убить (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]Drone/Doomcrybringer0467
Жертвоприношения - Я хотел бы убить (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]Experimental Black Metalcrybringer0467
Жертвоприношения - Я хотел бы убить (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]Akt-Produktcrybringer0467
Жертвоприношения - Я хотел бы убить (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]Russiacrybringer0467
Жертвоприношения - Я хотел бы убить (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]2018crybringer0467
Жертвоприношения - Я хотел бы убить (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]Жертвоприношенияcrybringer0467
Жертвоприношения - Линга шарира (2015) [WEB] [FLAC]Experimental Drone Doomcrybringer0464
Жертвоприношения - Линга шарира (2015) [WEB] [FLAC]Akt-Produktcrybringer0464
Жертвоприношения - Линга шарира (2015) [WEB] [FLAC]Russiacrybringer0464
Жертвоприношения - Линга шарира (2015) [WEB] [FLAC]2015crybringer0464
Жертвоприношения - Линга шарира (2015) [WEB] [FLAC]Жертвоприношенияcrybringer0464
Vinoristi - Veriportit (2018) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]Crustcrybringer06
Vinoristi - Veriportit (2018) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]black metalcrybringer06
Vinoristi - Veriportit (2018) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]Independentcrybringer06
Vinoristi - Veriportit (2018) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]finlandcrybringer06
Vinoristi - Veriportit (2018) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]2018crybringer06
Vinoristi - Veriportit (2018) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]Vinoristicrybringer06
Vinoristi - Rajattomat mysteerit (2017) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]Crustcrybringer05
Vinoristi - Rajattomat mysteerit (2017) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]black metalcrybringer05
Vinoristi - Rajattomat mysteerit (2017) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]Independentcrybringer05