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Providence - Far Beyond Our Depth [Reissue, 2011] (2009) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0216
Taking Names - This Guided Youth (2005) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0250
Diction - The Poor And The Hopeless (2015) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0258
Kartel - Gutter Music Vol. 1 (2012) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0291
Tempers Fray - Life Slap (2015) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0199
Surge Of Fury - Where It All Began (2015) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0252
Surge Of Fury / Chains Of Hate - Split CD (2002) [Split] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0313
Surge Of Fury - In My Tox City (2009) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0229
Bun Dem Out - Bun Dem Out (2007) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0284
Crippler LBU - Crippler LBU (2013) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0221
No Second Chance - Face Reality (2013) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0301
Tempers Fray - 7:15 (2014) [EP] [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0339
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