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  1. Alice Cooper - Constrictor [Japan Edition] (1986) [FLAC]
  2. Ancient Rites - Fatherland [Japan Limited Edition] (1998) [FLAC]
  3. Gamma Ray - Who Do You Think You Are [Japan Edition] [EP] (1990) [FLAC]
  4. Gamma Ray - Heaven Can Wait [Japan Edition] [EP] (1990) [FLAC]
  5. Slayer - Decade of Aggression [Japan Edition 2CD Live] (1991) [FLAC]
  6. Issa - Crossfire [Japan Limited Edition] (2015) [FLAC]
  7. Bloodbound - Nosferatu [Japan Limited Edition] (2005) [FLAC]
  8. Whispered - Shogunate Macabre [Japan Edition] (2014) [FLAC]
  9. Slayer - Serenity in Murder [EP] [Japan Edition] (1995) [FLAC]
  10. Kotipelto - Coldness [Japan Limited Edition] (2004) [WEB] [FLAC]
  11. Twilight Guardians - Sintrade [Japan Limited Edition] (2006) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]
  12. Norther - Mirror of Madness [Japan Limited Edition] (2003) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]
  13. Norther - Death Unlimited [Japan Limited Edition] (2004) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]
  14. Cryhavoc - Pitch-Black Blues [Japan Limited Edition] (2000) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]
  15. Accept - Restless And Wild [Released 1991] (1982) [WEB] [FLAC]
  16. Accept - Breaker [Released 2010] [Japan Limited Edition] (1981) [WEB] [FLAC]
  17. Accept - I'm A Rebel [Released 2010] [Japan Limited Edition] (1980) [WEB] [FLAC]
  18. Risk - Hell´s Animals [Japan Edition] (1989) [FLAC]
  19. Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge [Japan Edition] (2013) [FLAC]
  20. Shadowside - Inner Monster Out (Japanese Edition) (2011) [FLAC]
  21. Isis - The Mosquito Control [Japan Limited Edition] (1998) [EP] [WAV]
  22. Sybreed - The Pulse Of Awakening [Japan Limited Edition] (2010) [FLAC]
  23. Soilwork - The Chainheart Machine [Japan Edition + 4 bonus tracks] (2000) [FLAC]
  24. On Thorns I Lay - Crystal Tears [Japan Edition + 3 bonus tracks] (1999) [FLAC]
  25. Ensiferum - Unsung Heroes [Japan Edition + 2 bonus tracks] (2012) [FLAC]
  26. Alkemyst - Meeting In The Mist [Japan Limited Edition] (2003) [FLAC]
  27. U.D.O - Decadent [Japan Limited Edition] (2015) [FLAC]
  28. Nozomu Wakai's Destinia - Requiem For A Scream [Japan Limited Edition] (2014) [FLAC]
  29. Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat [Japan Limited Edition] (2015) [FLAC]
  30. Niflheim - Personae [Japan Edition] (2011) [FLAC]
  31. Air Raid - Point of Impact (2014) [FLAC]
  32. Emerald Sun - Escape from Twilight [Japan Edition] (2007) [FLAC]
  33. Wintersun - Wintersun [Japan Edition + bonus tracks] (2004) [FLAC]
  34. Gyze - Fascinating Violence (2014) [ Japanese Ed.] [FLAC]
  35. Harem Scarem - Thirteen [Japan Limited Edition] (2014) [FLAC]
  36. Naildown - World Domination [Japan Limited Edition] (2005) [FLAC]
  37. Panzer - Send Them All To Hell [Japan Limited Edition] (2014) [FLAC]
  38. Dragonforce - The Power Within [Japan Limited Edition] (2012) [FLAC]
  39. Nocturnal Rites - Shadowland [Japan Limited Edition] (2012) [FLAC]
  40. Harmony - Theatre of Redemption [Japan Limited Edition] (2014) [FLAC]
  41. Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising [Japan Limited Edition] (2007) [FLAC]
  42. Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds [Japan Limited Edition] (2014) [FLAC]
  43. Angra - Secret Garden [Japan Limited Edition] (2015) [FLAC]
  44. Six Magics - Behind the Sorrow [Japan Limited Edition] (2010) [FLAC]
  45. Rob Rock - Garden of Chaos [Japan Limited Edition] (2007) [FLAC]
  46. Battle Beast - Steel [Japan Limited Edition] (2012) [FLAC]
  47. Killing Touch - One of a Kind [Japan Limited Edition] (2009) [FLAC]
  48. Bloodbound - Stormborn [Japan Limited Edition] (2014) [FLAC]
  49. Gloryhammer - Tales From The Kingdom of Fife [Japan Limited Edition] (2013) [FLAC]
  50. Lordi - Scare Force One [Japan Limited Edition] (2014) [FLAC]