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Uriah Heep - Abominog [Japan Edition Expanded] (1982) [FLAC]Bylinka020
Uriah Heep - Abominog [Japan Edition Expanded] (1982) [FLAC]Bylinka015
Uriah Heep - Abominog [Expanded De-Luxe Edition] (1982) [FLAC]Bylinka014
Kiss - Killers (Compilation) [Japan Edition + bonus tracks] (1982) [FLAC] Bylinka072
Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate (1982) [12-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.038
Kiss - Creatures Of The Night [Japan Limited Edition] (1982) [FLAC]smirg3l033
Zero Defex - Demo (1982) [Pro CD-R] [FLAC]Ligfaerd040
Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For Love [Japan Limited Edition] (1982) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l0174
Led Zeppelin - Coda [Digipack] (1982) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l0333
Motörhead - Iron Fist (1982) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l095
Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance (1982) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l082
Voie de Fait - Ange ou démon (1982) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0147
Accept - Restless and Wild (1982) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0124
Krokus - One Vice at a Time (1982) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0208
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast (1982) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]RigorMortis0134
Exodus - 1982 Demo (1982) [Demo] [Tape Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0712
Nightwing - Black Summer (1982) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0169
Disorder - Perdition (1982) [12-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0103
Oz - Heavy Metal Heroes (1982) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ultrametal099
Neos - Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze (1982) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0103
Neos - End All Discrimination (1982) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0119
Riot/Clone - Destroy The Myth Of Musical Destruction EP (1982) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0125
Rattus - Rajoitettu Ydinsota - EP (1982) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0125
Chateaux - Young Blood / Fight To The Last (1982) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0107
Black Flag - Everything Went Black (1982) [Compilation] [FLAC]ARTx.0147
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