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Aeon Arcanum - Monuments (2011) [WEB] [FLAC]Ligfaerd1229
Lifesenseless - Bleak Year Lead My Years (2011) [Demo] [APE]Ligfaerd0619
Zaimus - The Unholy Spells Of Night (2009) [EP] [FLAC]dryga0403
Kabbal - Synthetically Revived [Licensed Edition] (2002) [WavPack]Ligfaerd0368
Lagriment - Gospel Of Laments (2014) [MP3]Ligfaerd0427
Her Suffering - Walk Through the Ashes of a World Without Light (2010) [FLAC]Arkwulf0407
Eternal Misery - Slow Painful Death (2013) [FLAC]Arkwulf0892
Eternal Misery - The Beginning Of The End (Demo) (2013) [FLAC]Arkwulf0750
Eternal Misery - Happiness In My Dreams... (Demo) (2012) [FLAC]Arkwulf0609
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