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  1. Occvlta - We Command The Wolves (2016) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  2. Inferi - Revenant (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  3. Father Befouled - Desolate Gods (2017) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  4. Krallice - Go Be Forgotten (2017) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  5. Lychgate - The Contagion in Nine Steps (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  6. Alastis - ...And Death Smiled [Re-Edition] (2010) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  7. Autopsy / Bloodbath - Blood Bath Vs Fuck You!!! (2018) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  8. Unholy Archangel & Black Angel - The Fall Of Christ (2015) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  9. Invocation Spells - Descendent The Black Throne (2016) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  10. Myrkur - Mareridt (2017) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  11. Matricide - Holy Virgin (2007) [12-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  12. Månegarm - Vargaresa - The Beginning (2005) [Compilation] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  13. I Shalt Become & Moloch - I Shalt Become & Moloch (2015) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  14. The Chasm - A Conscious Creation from the Isolated Domain - Phase I (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  15. Pan.Thy.Monium - Dream II (1992) [7-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  16. Vile Creature - Cast of Static and Smoke (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  17. Mortiferum - Altar of Decay (2017) [Demo] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  18. Old Funeral - Our Condolences 1988-1992 (2013) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  19. Szarlem - Night Of Blood (2009) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  20. L'Acephale - Stahlhartes Gehäuse (2009) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  21. Gospel Of The Horns - Sinners/Monuments Of Impurity (2007) [Compilation] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  22. Obscura - Akróasis (2015) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  23. Gehennah - No Fucking Christmas! (1997) [12-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  24. Häive - Mieli Maassa [Re-Edition] (2009) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  25. Grand Mood - The Trench Between Black And White (2016) [12-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  26. Hellripper - Coagulating Darkness (2017) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  27. Yob - The Great Cessation (2010) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  28. Yob - The Illusion Of Motion (2012) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  29. Yob - Yob (2009) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  30. Witch Cross - Fit For Fight (1984) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  31. Deitus - Acta Non Verba [Limited Edition] (2016) [My Own Rip] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  32. Dethklok - The Dethalbum (2008) [Picture LP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  33. Cult Of Fire - Kali Fire Puja (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  34. Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies (2016) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  35. Crowbar - Sever the Wicked Hand (2011) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  36. Crowbar - Lifesblood for the Downtrodden (2005) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  37. Crowbar - Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form (2001) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  38. Crowbar - Equilibrium (2000) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  39. Crowbar - Odd Fellows Rest (1998) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  40. Crowbar - Broken Glass (1996) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  41. Circle of Ouroborus - Ruumistähdet (2017) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  42. Crowbar - Crowbar (1993) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  43. Crowbar - Obedience Thru Suffering (1991) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  44. Arcturus - Constellation [Remastered] (2012) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  45. Morgue - Eroded Thoughts (1993) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  46. Korgonthurus - Tapa Itsesi (2010) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  47. Liturgia - In Perpetuum (1994) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  48. Falls Of Rauros - Believe In No Coming Shore (2014) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  49. Sacrificia Mortuorum & Orthanc - Sacrificia Mortuorum & Orthanc (2014) [Split] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  50. Sturmpercht & Rauhnåcht - Zur Ew'gen Ruh (2014) [Split] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]