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Title: Kitsune Art - The Antagonist (2016) [Single] [WEB] [FLAC]
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Band Name: Kitsune Art (http://darkabyss.org/index.php?action=tags&tagid=30991)
Album Title: The Antagonist
Total Playing Time: 00:05:41 Min.
Country: Spain (http://darkabyss.org/index.php?action=tags&tagid=117)
Year: 2016 (http://darkabyss.org/index.php?action=tags&tagid=23392)
Record Label: Independent (http://darkabyss.org/index.php?action=tags&tagid=8231)
Music Genre: Alternative Metal (http://darkabyss.org/index.php?action=tags&tagid=6131)
Codec: FLAC
Rip Format: Tracks Bandcamp
Booklet Scans: No
Archive size: ~ 39 Mb
Host:  Yadi.sk


01. The Antagonist

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