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  1. Immolation - Close To A World Below [Re-Edition] (2017) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  2. Aorlhac - L'esprit des vents (2018) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 48kHz] [M4A]
  3. Horna & Woods Of Infinity - Juuret / Lidande Upphöjt Till Två (2003) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  4. Inconcessus Lux Lucis - The Crowning Quietus (2017) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  5. Augury - Illusive Golden Age (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  6. Besvärjelsen - Vallmo (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  7. Emptiness - Not for Music (2017) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  8. Shub Niggurath - A Deadly Call from the Stars (2011) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  9. Gaerea - Gaerea (2016) [12-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  10. Imperial Triumphant - Inceste (2016) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  11. Mournful Congregation - The Incubus of Karma (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  12. Deathronation - Exorchrism (2012) [Compilation] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  13. Barren Earth - A Complex of Cages (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  14. Pestilence - Testimony of the Ancients [Re-Edition] (2017) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  15. Autopsy & Bloodbath - Blood Bath Vs Fuck You!!! (2017) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  16. Turambar - Turambar (2005) [10-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  17. Pestilence - Hadeon (2018) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  18. Seeds of Iblis - Jihad Against Islam (2011) [7-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  19. Gorgoroth - Under The Sign Of Hell [Re-Edition] (2017) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]
  20. Impaled Nazarene - Suomi Finland Perkele - 100 Years Of Finnish Independence [Re-Edition] (2017) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  21. Morgana Lefay - Maleficium (1996) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  22. Abhorrence - Totally Vulgar - Live At Tuska Open Air 2013 (2017) [Live] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  23. Imperial Triumphant - Shrine to the Trident Throne (2014) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  24. Dies Ater - Hunger For Life (2012) [My Own Rip] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  25. Galvanizer - Horrid Tales Of Death... (2015) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  26. Slavia - Norwegian Black Terror Assault (2005) [7-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  27. Nàttsòl - Stemning (2010) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  28. Verivala - Uuden aamun sarastus (2004) [7-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  29. Shiyun - Ûri Vâ Kyatten (2015) [7-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  30. The Shadow Order / Verivala - A Fallen World's Conspiracy (2006) [7-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  31. Pest - Towards the Bestial Armageddon (1998) [7-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  32. Abyssion - The Best of Karhun Lähde & Siniaaltoja ja singulariteetteja (2016) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  33. Abyssion - Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki (2015) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  34. Black Crucifixion - Coronation of King Darkness (2013) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  35. The 3rd Attempt - Egocidal Path (2018) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  36. Argentinum Astrum - Malleus Maleficarum (2014) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  37. Wintersun - Live at Tuska Festival 2013 (2017) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  38. Unisonic - Unisonic (2012) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  39. Profetus - As All Seasons Die (2014) [12-EP] [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  40. Glittertind - Djevelsvart (2013) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  41. Europica - Part One (2017) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  42. Children of Bodom - Tokyo Warhearts - Live in Japan 1999 (1999) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  43. Bewitched - At the Gates of Hell (1999) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  44. Antichrist - Sinful Birth (2017) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  45. Memoriam - The Hellfire III (2017) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 48kHz] [FLAC]
  46. Memoriam - The Hellfire II (2017) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 48kHz] [FLAC]
  47. Memoriam - The Hellfire (2016) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 48kHz] [FLAC]
  48. Resurrected - Endless Sea Of Loss (2006) [My Own Rip] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]
  49. Dominus - Dominus (1993) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]
  50. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here [HD Tracks] [Vinyl Rip] (1975) [FLAC]