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Mötley Crüe - Girls, Girls, Girls [Japan Limited Edition] (1987) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l028
Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger [Japan Limited Edition] (1987) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l013
Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger [Deluxe Expanded Edition 2017] [2CD] (1987) [FLAC]Bylinka029
Jurassic Jade - War by Proxy (1987) [7-EP] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd043
Sons Of Ishmael - Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice (1987) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd050
Whiplash - Ticket To Mayhem (1987) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd073
Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium (Remastered Digipack 2017 + bonus tracks) (1987) [FLAC]Bylinka048
Kreator - Terrible Certainty (1987) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l053
Motörhead - Rock 'N' Roll (1987) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l045
Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol (1987) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l054
Dio - Dream Evil (1987) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l032
Fearless Iranians from Hell - Die for Allah (1987) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd059
Venom - Calm Before the Storm (1987) [FLAC]ARTx.052
Anthrax - Among The Living (1987) [First Press] [FLAC]smirg3l065
Sacrifice - Forward to Termination (1987) [First Press] [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd068
Toxik - World Circus (1987) [First Press] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd087
Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger [American Edition] (1987) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd086
Mace - The Evil in Good (1987) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd071
Dream Death - Journey into Mystery (1987) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.0190
Coroner - R.I.P. (1987) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.0363
Shellshock - Self Defence (1987) [EP] [FLAC]Ligfaerd049
Sacred Denial - North of the Order (1987) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd083
Blood Feast - Kill for Pleasure (1987) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]ARTx.094
Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence (1987) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd096
Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1987) [Scene Rip] [First Press] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0158
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