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Verstorben - Frei sind nur die Toten (2012) [WEB] [FLAC]crybringer033
Verstorben - Begräbnis der Hoffnung (2012) [WEB] [FLAC]crybringer035
Wolfherr - Resistance of Evil [Limited Edition] (2010) [EP] [FLAC]Metamorphosis1149
Warnskarpt - Hatred Vol. II (2011) [Demo] [FLAC]Ultrametal0127
Chaoswolf - Eight Howls of Chaos (2011) [Pro CD-R] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0116
Geist - A Story for a Broken Soul [Limited Edition] (2012) [Pro CD-R] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0229
Stardust - Von Trauer, Zorn und vergangenen Zeiten (2011) [Demo] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0244
Чёрные Озёра / Necrolatreia - Белое безмолвие (2012) [Split] [Pro CD-R] [FLAC] (свой рип)ARTx.0257
Forest of Filth / Sereignos - Unleashed the Hate and Anger (2013) [Split] [CD-R] [FLAC] (свой рип)ARTx.0301
Grief - There Is No Light (2011) [EP] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0209
Sententia Mortis - Mother Earthquake (2011) [Demo] [MP3]Ligfaerd0270
Sententia Mortis - Verbum Inferi (2012) [Scene Rip] [FLAC]AND-reX0299
Uruk-Hai - In Durins Hall (Return To The Mines Of Moria) [Data CD Edition] (1999) [FLAC]Ligfaerd0304
Dechristianisierung Europas - Fuck Religion (2011) [Demo] [Tape Rip Bit kHz] [FLAC]Ultrametal0366
Astarot - Life of Despair/Silhouettes Reflecting in the Nightsky [Limited Edition] (2012) [Compilation] [FLAC]grv0586
Kall Ensamhet - Fill Your Heart with Pain and Sorrow [Master Disc] [Limited Edition] (2012) [FLAC]Ligfaerd0882
Kaat & Longing for Depression - Sorrow of Life [Master Disc] [Limited Edition] (2012) [Split] [FLAC]Ligfaerd11157
Monumenta Sepulcrorum - The Tomb (2011) [Demo] [FLAC]grv0428
Epocha Tristésse & Letal - Suicidal Dreams [Limited Edition] (2012) [Split] [MP3]Ligfaerd0327
Krek - Krek [Limited Edition] (2012) [Demo] [MP3]Ligfaerd0357
Antiquus Scriptum - Symphonies of Winter through Eternal Forests (2012) [Compilation] [FLAC]Greifie Lomion0378
Triebtat - Der Weg In Die Depression (2011) [Demo] [MP3]Ligfaerd0496
Svartalvs - Lycanthropic Race (2011) [Demo] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0316
Svartalvs - Thousand Cold Winters (2011) [Demo] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0359
Svartalvs - Night Of The Blasphemy (2009) (Re-2012) [FLAC]Satanic8900426
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