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Temple of Evil - The 7th Awakening (2017) [Scene Rip] [Gold Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.04
Tartarum (ex-Khrysaor) - Tales Of Ancient Times (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]fostex088
WOM - Psychedelic Noir (2017) [WEB] [FLAC]Ligfaerd062
Khrysaor - Chaos (2015) [WEB] [WAV]Ligfaerd085
Dictator - The Pain Sessions (2006) [Pro CD-R] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0293
Temple Of Evil - The 7th Awakening (2016) [WEB] [FLAC]AND-reX0747
Whispersorrow / WOM (Winds of Mayhem) - WW (2015) [Split] [WEB] [FLAC]Greifie Lomion0356
WOM (Winds of Mayhem) - Poems of an Empty Soul (2014) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]Greifie Lomion0321
WOM (Winds of Mayhem) - Summoning the Black Moon (2015) [EP] [WEB] [FLAC]Greifie Lomion0321
Blynd - Liber Sum (2015) [WEB] [FLAC]AND-reX0222
Tome of the Unreplenished - Innerstanding (2015) [WEB] [FLAC]ARTx.0352
Winter's Verge - Tales of Tragedy [Promo Series] (2010) [WAV]Ligfaerd0405
Dictator - Dysangelist (2008) [FLAC]Arkwulf0446
Tome Of The Unreplenished - Tome Of The Unreplenished (Demo) (2013) [FLAC]crybringer0592
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