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AC/DC - Back To School Days (2016) [Vinyl Rip 24bit 192kHz] [WavPack]Bylinka0146
Kampfar - Djevelmakt (2014) [Scene Rip] [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.050
Burzum - Filosofem (2008) [Black Vinyl Rip] [FLAC] [Back on Black / BOBV089LP]Ligfaerd21594
Burzum - Fallen (2011) [Clear Vinyl Rip] [FLAC] [Back on Black / BOBV292LPLTD]Ligfaerd0233
Burzum - Filosofem [Re-Edition] (2008) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 48kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0230
Ensiferum - Victory Songs (2007) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.0127
Cult of Luna - Vertikal (2013) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.0267
Insomnium - Since the Day It All Came Down [Re-Edition] (2011) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0206
Insomnium - In the Halls of Awaiting [Re-Edition] (2011) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0191
Insomnium - Across the Dark [Re-Edition] (2011) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0164
Insomnium - Above the Weeping World [Re-Edition] (2011) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0117
Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God [2009 Back on Black] (2008) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.0567
Amon Amarth - Versus the World [2010 Back on Black] (2002) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]ARTx.0402
Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia, Constellation and My Angel [Re-Edition] (2002) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0334
Exodus - Force Of Habit [Re-Edition] (1992) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0282
Ihsahn - Eremita (2012) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0403
Burzum - Burzum / Aske [Re-Edition] (2008) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0489
Burzum - Hvis lyset tar oss [Re-Edition] (2008) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0591
Burzum - Det Som Engang Var [Re-Edition] (2005) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0446
Burzum - Det Som Engang Var [Re-Edition] (2005) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0404
Burzum - Belus (2010) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0487
Burzum - Belus (2010) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 96kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0353
Nightwish - Wishmaster (2000) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0716
Nightwish - Oceanborn (1998) [Vinyl Rip 16Bit 44kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0843
Zyklon - Disintegrate (2006) [Vinyl Rip 24Bit 192kHz] [FLAC]Ligfaerd0430
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